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Our Stratham customers love to stay connected. Porsche Car Connect keeps you connected to your Porsche vehicle in ways that maybe you haven’t even imagined before. The list of things you can do remotely using the Porsche Connect app is impressive. We’ll delve into the details, including the capabilities of Porsche Connect Plus and the Porsche Car Connect subscription cost.

Porsche Connect App

This amazing service starts with the Porsche Connect app. This is what the app can do:

  • Remotely check the range of your car
  • Remotely lock and unlock your car
  • Manage personal details
  • Schedule service
  • Communicate with your dealer
  • Check the status of your vehicle (i.e. mileage)

Porsche Car Connect Activation

Before using the Car Connect App for the first time, you will have to register it via a separate internet portal, the Car Connect portal. You can register online and link to Porsche Car Connect. Once on Car Connect portal, first choose your continent and country. For example, North America and USA. Then, select “New Customer” and first enter your email address, your mobile number, and a personal password. You will then receive an email confirming your email address. In addition for your own security, you will be asked to verify your telephone number. You will then receive a personal confirmation code by text message. You can now add a new vehicle.

Firstly, enter your own vehicle type and the country of registration along with your vehicle registration number. This can be amended any time at a later date. The next step is to record your address and contact details. You can also change your country of service if, for example, you wish to use your vehicle in a country other than the country of registration. Further, driver details and security questions make your account even more secure. The Car Connect App enables all these security measures to protect your vehicle from unauthorized access. Once you have agreed to the contractual terms, you will receive a vehicle installation code. Please give this to your Porsche center. It must be activated via the car connect as part of a garage appointment. Once it has been activated by the Porsche Center, download the Car Connect App from the app stores of either Google or Apple free of charge. The Car Connect portal will display an app activation code which you should key into the Car Connect App. You can use the Car Connect App once the registration has been successfully completed.

Charging Planner

Fortunately, more and more charging stations have been popping up around the Nashua area since electric vehicles have become more popular. The Charging Planner calculates the fastest route, including required charging stops for your Porsche Taycan electric vehicle while taking into account real-time traffic and calculating the remaining range of your car.

Porsche Voice Pilot

Use this voice-activated digital assistant to operate vehicle functions such as ambient lighting and the massage function.

The Finder

Search Google or PCM online to find the nearest charging station, hotels, gas stations, and much more.

Navigation Plus

Always calculates the fastest route using Real Time Traffic Information.

Porsche Connect Plus

Porsche Connect Plus features an LTE telephone module with a SIM card slot to optimize call quality. It can also act as a wireless router for multiple devices. It does all of that plus enables you to get the most out of your other Porsche Connect services.

Car Remote

The Car Remote feature of the Porsche Car Connect allows you to do the following from your smartphone:

  • Lock and unlock your vehicle remotely.
  • Honk the horn remotely.
  • Activate indicators remotely.
  • Power up and adjust the climate control remotely.
  • Use Car Finder to find your car at any time.
  • Set the Location Alarm feature to alert you if your car leaves a pre-set area.
  • Use Speed Alarm to alert you if your vehicle exceeds a specific speed.
  • Use Valet Alarm to combine Speed Alarm and Location Alarm.
  • Set the anti-theft alarm to send a message to your smartphone in the event someone tries to break into your car.

Porsche Car Connect Subscription Cost

There is a subscription charge for most of the Porsche Connect services. The Porsche Car Connect subscription cost will vary based on the model of your car and which package you choose, though most packages are free for at least the first year. Prices start at $230 per year.

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