Porsche Macan Maintenance Schedule

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There’s no doubt that the Porsche Macan is renowned for its array of seemingly endless customization options and peerless Porsche performance. From its high-performance engine, to its interior comfort, to its advanced safety features, Porsche lets drivers pick and choose the features they want for a driving experience that’s truly their own. So how do you keep your Porsche running like the day you took it home from our new model inventory

With a Porsche Scheduled Maintenance Plan (PSMP), you won’t have to even think about when to take your Porsche Macan in for service. Look below to see what your options are for prepaid Macan auto care, along with how it can benefit you in keeping up with your Porsche Macan service.

Porsche Macan Maintenance Interval Schedule

Maintenance on a Porsche Macan starts with an oil change once every 10,000 miles (or 1 year – whichever comes first). From there, you’ll undergo a Porsche 40k service, 80k service, 120k service, and 160k service:

  • Engine: Engine oil topped off and checked for leaks, fuel system lines and connections inspected, coolant check and antifreeze levels and hoses, and PDDC fluid checked.
  • Electrical System: Check and reset the diagnosis system if needed, inspect battery and ventilation hoses, test windshield wiper/washer and headlight washer functions and adjust nozzles if needed, and test horn operation.
  • Spark Plugs: At every Porsche Macan S 40k service and every 40k after, the spark plugs will need replacing. The exception is the Porsche Macan Turbo 30k service, which requires spark plugs replaced every 30,000 miles or 4 years.
  • Interior: Inspect seat belt condition and operation and replace filter element for the pollen filter.
  • Exterior: Clean reversing camera lens, test vehicle lighting, adjust headlights, check wiper blades, test trailer hitch operation, and inspect radiators, air intakes, firewall, liftgate, and sunroof body drains for debris or blockages.
  • Under Vehicle: In addition to oil changes at every 10k, you’ll need to inspect the underbody for leaks and make sure the covers are secure, inspect brake pads and discs for wear, check tire pressure, examine brake fluid and hoses, and inspect axle joints, tie rods ends, and steering gear. Lastly, you’ll need to check the exhaust system for leaks and inspect mounts.

Alternatively, if mileage intervals aren’t reached, your Porsche will need servicing at 2, 6, and 10-year intervals. When seeking maintenance for your Porsche Macan at the above intervals, your vehicle will receive.

Porsche Macan Scheduled Maintenance Plans

Opting for PSMP for your Porsche Macan service will offer you many benefits of paying in advance, rather than paying for service as you go. You can enjoy a set cost of repair and maintenance for the duration of the plan you choose, making budget-friendly maintenance a reality for Porsche drivers. The following PSMPs are available for the new Porsche Macan service:

  • Two Years/20,000 Miles
  • Three Years/30,000 Miles
  • Four Years/40,000 Miles
  • Five Years/50,000 Miles

Why Choose Porsche Professionals for Macan Maintenance?

As a Porsche Macan owner, you want the hands-down best service for your SUV — and so do we! In most cases, independent auto shops simply aren’t familiar with the Macan SUV’s — or any Porsche vehicle’s — performance features, which include a Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK) transmission and available air suspension. 

That’s why PSMPs are exclusive to participating Porsche-authorized dealerships; you won’t find any of the above plans at the corner shop. In addition to honoring cost-cutting PSMPs, our Porsche Certified Technicians repair San Jose customers’ vehicles with OEM parts and fluids only. You won’t find a single aftermarket component in our service center!

Enjoy Macan Scheduled Maintenance at Porsche Stratham

Do you have any questions about your Porsche Macan maintenance schedule? Our team will help you learn more about Porsche Macan service and more when you contact us online.

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