Sustainable Future

Porsche Paves the Way to a More Sustainable Future

At Porsche Stratham, we are proud to follow Porsche’s lead towards a more sustainable future. Sustainability for our environment means sustainability for the people who live on it and we could not be happier with Porsche’s efforts towards a green future. Porsche has made it a goal to have 50% electric models by the year 2025. If the Porsche Taycan is any indication of the performance we can expect to see from electric vehicles, the future is bright.

We are excited to be part of the change and have made our own contributions towards a better future.

Porsche Stratham Solar Project

Beginning in December 2020, Porsche Stratham and its’ sister dealership Audi Stratham underwent the six-month process of installing solar panels. These solar panels provide 85% of the campus’ usage. Porsche Stratham and its’ parent company, International Cars LTD. believe it is our obligation to pave the way towards a green future. We hope other automotive companies follow our lead and do their part in creating a more sustainable future.

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